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    Crowns and Bridges

    Restoring teeth beautifully

    Discover dentistry that restores teeth to their potential

    Crowns and bridges are an effective way to restore one or a number of damaged or decayed teeth.

    Dental bridges are an alternative to implants for replacing missing teeth. Whether it’s the result of a tooth extraction or other causes, a missing tooth or teeth can impact on bite and chew function. This can also affect smile confidence and even lead to more serious concerns as remaining teeth move and gums are affected.

    A dental bridge can be a solution to missing teeth. In terms of aesthetics, comfort and overall health and wellbeing, they are a good solution too.

    How do dental bridges work?

    Dental bridges are bonded permanently to adjacent teeth. They are supported by crowns secured to teeth on either side of the gap. Dental bridges look, feel and function like natural teeth and prevent teeth on either side of the gap from moving. Bridges can be made from both precious and non-precious metal, as well as porcelain.

    If we prescribe a dental bridge for you, we will present options, advising of the implications of each, including financial. While dental bridges are an investment, we provide in-house and other dental finance options which can help you access the treatment you need, when you need it.

    Why not discuss your options with us today?


    Dental crowns are a restorative dental treatment used to repair and protect teeth which have suffered the impacts of breakage, wear, or decay. They can even be used for teeth which have already been restored but need further restoration.

    Helping to improve aesthetic appearance, dental crowns can enhance the way damaged or discoloured teeth look. They are frequently used to protect teeth that have received root canal therapy.

    Dickson Street Dental has a commitment to sourcing and using only industry leading technology and materials. Our approach to dental crowns is no different. We use advanced materials which allow us to create crowns – in conjunction with our laboratory partners – that have the appearance and translucency of real teeth.

    If you’ve ever thought about replacing a missing or broken tooth, there is really no reason to wait. With dental finance options available for crowns, we can work with you to restore your teeth and your confidence.


    Let’s get you smiling again.