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Oral hygiene and hygiene cleans

Along with brushing and flossing, regular hygiene cleans with your dentist are a pillar of the very best oral health. We’re committed to helping our patient community understand the connection between their oral health and overall health, which is why hygiene cleans form such an important part of our general dental services.

Dickson Street Dental  | Dentist Near Me | Dentist Mount Waverley | Hygiene Cleans / Oral Hygiene

Why are oral hygiene cleans so important?

Visiting the dentist for a regular oral hygiene clean is not only important; it’s essential for maintaining good oral health. Even the most diligent dental care requires a professional clean, at a minimum of every six months, and more frequently in some cases, such as three months. Undoubtedly, daily brushing and flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, seeing your dentist for a hygiene clean will ensure dental concerns can be identified and addressed in good time – before they become more costly and complex to treat.

Maintaining good oral hygiene has many benefits. Based on a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and a confident smile, it is also a major contributing factor to your overall health. In fact, research now indicates some oral conditions are linked to heart disease, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease. They may even be the cause of strokes.

Taking charge of your oral health is well within the hands of each individual – including even the youngest Dickson Street Dental family members. Our oral hygiene therapists are skilled and experienced at providing age appropriate education, teaching children, teens (and adults!) the brushing and flossing techniques they need for keeping their smiles as healthy and beautiful as possible.

Here’s how we approach your regular hygiene clean

Apart from a wonderful opportunity to hear how life is treating you, during your regular hygiene clean we will:

Most patients actually enjoy their regular hygiene visit at Dickson Street Dental – and we think you will too. Ready to come clean? Let’s book you in.

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