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Is it time to consider white fillings?

Dental fillings, or white fillings, are made with composite resin. They are a mixture of acrylic resin and fine glass particles that produce a tooth coloured filling, giving you a more natural look. Also known as composite resins, white fillings provide excellent durability and resistance to fracture.

Nobody plans to have fillings, however from time to time when teeth suffer decay or break unexpectedly, composite white fillings are necessary. You may discover a filling is necessary when you experience tooth sensitivity when you brush and eat or drink hot or cold foods. This can be confirmed by your dentist or oral hygiene therapist at your appointment.

We strongly recommend all patients visit us as soon as they become aware of any signs like these to avoid small issues developing into larger problems. Delaying investigation – and necessary treatment – is rarely ideal. Fillings can also prevent further decay and damage developing. It can relieve the pain associated with decay too. If left too long and a white filling is no longer enough to treat tooth decay or damage, that is, damage has reached the nerve, root canal treatment may be necessary.

What about metal fillings?

Another consideration for white fillings is if you still have original metal fillings. If you are looking for a more aesthetic option, you can discuss the replacement of metal fillings with composite resin. Apart from being visually more appealing and good for smile confidence, replacing metal fillings will also help strengthen teeth.

How do we approach white fillings

With a focus on bringing our patients only the very best, the team at Dickson Street Dental only uses the highest quality materials for white fillings. Our material selection is based on:

These are important factors as our intention is for the white filling to restore the tooth’s form, function and strength. We want to preserve as much as possible of the natural tooth, for as long as possible. While a composite resin or white filling is a larger investment than metal fillings, it can last up to ten years and boost your confidence.

If you suspect that decay could be affecting your teeth and require white fillings, make a call today. Our team is understanding and will support you to restore your teeth and smile.

Let’s get you smiling again.